3 Best International Ecommerce Platforms for Building an Online Store

international e commerce websites

Just like technology, ecommerce is burgeoning at rapidly speed. Owing to this, every business must have an online presence, since it’s the fastest way to connect with the customers.

However, setting up an online business is not as easy as a pie. Instead, it requires heed of store owner regarding final decision of ecommerce solution. This is because there are plenty of platforms available out there. And most of them are reputable.

So, whether you are after the best ecommerce platform 2018 or the one that’s open-source like Magento, it’s better to assess their features by conducting ecommerce platforms comparison.

First, you should know that they may differ in terms of hosting. While some are SaaS companies which offer both services and hosting in exchange for a monthly fee, there are some that will only offer the solution and not the hosting.

Let’s delve into three best ecommerce platforms for start-ups.

1. Shopify

Shopify is ideal for start-ups due to its simplicity and ease-of-use. Another trait that makes Shopify the best ecommerce platform 2018 is its affordability and aesthetically pleasing themes. Even Shopify allows merchants to sell on Amazon via integration. As a matter of fact, Shopify is a perfect choice for those who don’t have any web development experience, and for them only support team would be enough. Additionally, the platform leverages the user to launch their site within minutes because of its range of tools and functionality.

2. WooCommerce

A quarter of internet use WordPress. And, these WordPress users don’t need to switch to other platform while using WooCommerce. The platform specifically works well for those who want to create a content-based website or a blog. Since the platform is built on WordPress, it offers nearly 300 extensions that help in managing e-store. Plus, you need to find hosting services yourself as it’s an open-source platform.

3. Wix

An ecommerce platform specifically designed to make it simple for entrepreneurs to start selling online. It’s not only limited to stores. If you own a restaurant, Wix allows you to take orders, accept reservations and informing to guests as well.


In order to decide which one would suit to your business, the first thing to consider is what the best ecommerce platforms 2018 are. In addition to it, what features they offer, how much they cost initially and later on, and how their offerings vary from one another.